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Our company has produced mechanical constructions and precision parts for other companies for over 30 years.
We are proud to present our company in detail and to provide all the information necessary to explain the wide variety of products we are capable of building for you, as well as to offer our current clients a complete and detailed picture of further products we might provide them, and give possible future clients the opportunity to get to know us.
We guarantee our clients the professionalism of 30 years of experience in the field and, above all, competitive prices.
The following is a list of the primary materials that we are capable of using:

  • Pb Steel: with round, square and hexagonal rods and sheets;
  • Inox Steel: (303-304): round, square and hexagonal rods;
  • Brass 0.58: round, square, flat and hexagonal rods;
  • Bronze/BZN 7: round rods;
  • Aluminium: round, square and hexagonal rods and sheets;
  • Anti-corrosive aluminium: round rods and sheets;
  • Nylon: round rods;
  • Teflon: round rods;
  • Plexiglass: round rods and sheets;
  • PVC: round rods and sheets;

We make all our mechanical constructions and precision parts with automatic lathes that expel shavings. These machines allow for good results in tolerances and, at the same time, competitive prices. These lathes are used for all of the materials mentioned above, from a minimum diameter of Æ 3 mm to a maximum of Æ 60. They can create perforations, both internal and external threading, turning and knurling.
We also have mobile fantina lathes that can make long products with special turning and are capable of perforating in two positions and threading internally or externally.
To make constructions that have very particular tolerances ± 0.01, we use CNC lathes with numerical verification, which permit perfect tolerance results, for all of the above-mentioned materials.
With our gear-cutter we are able to make gears with all types of diameter, with straight or helical cogs, for all of the above-mentioned materials.
In addition, for mechanical manufacture and construction we use high precision CNC work centres where it is possible to obtain all types of insertions for holes, internal and external grooves, internal and external conical threading, and precision milling with the use of at least 10 tool stations.
This is a descriptive overview of some of the things that our company can produce, but we are always ready to respond to client requests and to satisfy your needs. We look forward to widening our manufacturing experience at competitive prices for mass production.
At this point, it is time to put us to the test. We are sure you will be satisfied. We are at your complete disposal for all and any requests.